CRANIAL TORMENT started in May 1998 by two guys, Bill Benakis (guitar, vocals) and Costa Vaxevanos (drums) in order to play brutal death metal with some grinding parts. A bass player joined us but after a few rehearsals, he left the band.

In August 1998, we recorded our first demo-tape called "Decaying in the Mud" with 3 tracks under the line-up :

We spread some copies in zine and distros but in October 1998 Costas left the band. So we went to studio and recorded the second demo entitled "The Triumph of Impudence" with 9 tracks (January 1999) as an one-man band. We spreaded about 500 copies in 4 months and went back to studio (May 1999) to record a better stuff.

The "Death is Rising" demo-tape contains 4 tracks of brutal death metal with some grinding parts and schizophrenic leads. We will spread it everywhere and maybe the next year we will release full length CD, self-financed or under a record label if someone get interest in our music.



  1. "DECAYING IN THE MUD" - 1st demotape '98

  2. "THE TRIUMPH OF IMPUDENCE" - 2sd demotape '99

  3. "DEATH IS RISING" - 3th demotape '99


Bill Benakis
32, Paradision St.,
Peristeri, 121 36
Athens, GREECE
Website :


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