HERODIAS is a black metal project band from "Black Hymns Syndicate Kudus - Indonesia". It was forming in 25th October 1998 by Ashmedai (TOVERIJ 666) on guitars/vocals and Bardbaron Leviathan on drums. In the beginning they didn't find the right formation yet and the members weren't sure yet

In 17th January 1999, Grand Belial (MURTAD) joined the band on bass/vocals. Then they agreed to play with three members.

They are:

  • Bardbaron Leviathan : Prince of the Ancient Serpent
  • Ashmedai : Spirit of the Majesty Midnight
  • Grand Belial : The Sermont and Whisper of Black Priest

HERODIAS always play their own song with mission and vision on a culture who based on Nordic. HERODIAS's consept is "Supreme Majesty Black Metal" with majesty, greatness, glorius, darkness, mystic and ritual theme.

In 24 April 1999, HERODIAS recorded a rehearsal tape with title "The Hymns of The Satanic Empire", they recorded three song.


REHEARSAL TAPE "The Hymns of The Satanic Empire" - 1999
Rehearsal tape
Track listing:

  1. The Glory of Herodias (RA format - 188Kb)
  2. Lady Witch
  3. The Hymns of Satanic Empire

(For who want to have this tape (limited only), send a blank tape and postal cost to this address.


C/o Purwanto Ashmedai
Ploso Rt 03, Rw 04 No. 685B
Kudus 59348


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