"Mimpi di Siang Bolong"
1999 Koma Inc.

I have just received their album, and I heard that they are one of the oldest band in Jember (a small town in East Java). Looking from the way they play, they are very skillfull, and also the quality of the record is perfect. The album contains 9 songs, and it has a great album cover, the sound reminds me of the underground bands from Surabaya. Or perhaps they have recorded in the same studio...!!??? Their music is more into melodic death metal with a strong touch of ethnic, for those who loves brutal deathmetal will be disapointed..ha..ha...ha..!! But the latest news I heard about this band is that their new songs is even more brutal than ever (they might be following the trend...!!). So, for collectors, it is worth to have this one.
Reviewed by
Putra Pande

Tracks listing:


  1. Story Before Sleep
  2. Berita Pagi
  3. Siksa Kubur
  4. Kiamat


  1. Jaelangkung
  2. Death
  3. Segitiga Bermuda
  4. When the Sun Rises from West
  5. Mimpi di Siang Bolong


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