When LEGION were joined, in early of 1998, we had an idea to play death/doom metal. The 3 original members was Murilo, Danilo and Charles.

After of 8 months, we left the idea to play death/doom, to begin to play a symphonic black metal, when another member had joined with us. His name is Diego and he played keyboards for us. This guy played with us for only 2 months. On this time we had made our gig, with the bands BYWAR, MORBAD and INFECTS HUMANITY. Many people liked our sound, even so this was our first gig.

In the end of December 1998 Diego left the band, and we decided to play a 'Brutal Black Metal', that's our sound now. We're playing so much and we'll record 3 or 4 musics in the demo. We pretend to record it this year.
And, now the true originals members are:


For more information, please contact to:

C/o Murilo Sipoli Sanches
Rua Antonio Brambilla O-1887
Jd. Palmeiras
Brazil - Pederneiras - Sao Paulo
Ph: +55 (014) 252 3054


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