Executive Interview with Boy Dee of MORBIFIK

[ December 24th, 1999]

  1. Seperti biasanya, ceritakan sedikit sejarah perjuangan eh... sejarah MORBIFIK !!!

    Well Buddy, It may takes a long story behind the scene in MORBIFIK. Let me put it this way,  MORBIFIK was found by Me and Agung, My Drummer in 1996. In 1st formation, MORBIFIK was Me, Boy Dee [Guitars], Agung [Drums], Sadik [Vocals], and Pigar [Bass]. With this fuckin' brutalizing horde, We had made 1st demo tape entitled "Now, I'm Bleed" consisted of 7 Death Grind songs. Then after the years fuckin' disgustedly progressed so did the band, in the beginning of 1999 I kicked the assholes Sadik and Pigar out of the band for the lost integrity and morality in the band and also as well in Metal scene !!! So, I decided to ask my pal named SOPYAN who did as our Vocalist to rejoin the band. He used to be in MORBIFIK too before 1st formation cum up as a session vox. But for the bass player, I handled it only for Studio Recording. Well, with this 2nd formation, We have made for the last action our debut full length album entitled "Gradually Killed In torture". So, The New Line up for 1999 is Me, Boy Dee [Guitars], Agung [Drums], and Sopyan [Vokills]. That's all folks !!!  

  2. Aku denger-denger MORBIFIK sekarang tinggal 2 orang aja, karena drumernya udah kerja, bener nggak ??!

    Yap, It happened on October 1999 but He returned back as unemployed again 'coz of the work was not appropriate for him. Glad to hear that, So we can rehearse again in Studio by making 2 songs already. He's MORBIFIK's original member Y' know so that I will be fuckin' worry if he left the band just 'coz of the work !!!  

  3. Denger-denger lagi nich, kamu udah potong rambut yaa..?? WHY?? 'kan jelek banget tuh..???

    He...he...he... Yer fuckin' right, man !!! I've just cut my hair since August 1999 'coz I have to finish my fuckin' study at College, Y' know what I mean !!! Why's wrong ?!! I'm still cute and handsome he...he... If yea can see Tom Cruise or Bon Jovi on TV, yea've probably just seen me for awhile, right !!! he...he...  

  4. Setelah album "GRADUALLY...." apa rencana MORBIFIK selanjutnya ?? dibubarkan atau tetap terus ? karena banyak band local bila personelnya udah pada kerja, band mereka bubar.

    Only time will tell 'bout MORBIFIK, wants to survive or not. If there's no problem with us financially or whatever, We will record 2 or 3 new songs in the Mid of 2000 and Hope, the band will keep on grinding by itsway in the scene 'till specially get tired louds. What yea just cument is totally right 'coz from what I heard is the same as yers. Tha band whom the members got a job or have to work will be end or out of the scene except they have their own studio recording !!! Sad but true, y'know... But that's not almost right at all, Depends on them !!!  

  5. Apa sih sebenarnya yang kamu inginkan dari lagu-lagu yang terdapat di albummu itu ? Maksudnya topik yang dibicarakan di lyric-nya !!

    Well, I hope the Listeners could get it what I want such as a Revenge, Spreading the Hatred, Injustice, Against the Indonesian bullshit Dictator called fuckin' SUHARTO and his relatives and also rejoice for what the result one's just made for a Revenge. Yea could find those things specially on our LP "Gradually Killed In torture".  

  6. Untuk mempromosikan albummu, apa saja usaha yang telah kamu lakukan !!? (ini penting diketahui bagi band-band baru)

    First of all, We have to and must collect some fuckin' bucks, louds of money to conquer the underground scene not only locally but also outside of this shitty country which has fuckin' girls within. Go International presses to yer heart contents for 'Magazines or Fanzines, motherfuckers !!! MORBIFIK used to do some fuckin' exposure with them specially abroad presses. So many to name for the last 3 years. Of course, We must open minded so that yea can find the underground means by yerself then. Secondly, yea must fuckin' ignore what people thinking 'bout yer band specially in local scene except with some good pals. MORBIFIK did it !!! Thirdly, Dun hesitate to use louds of bucks again to write something to bands or underground publication that yea will conquer UG scene with them locally or globally. the last things yea have to be nice and not stingy to UG press that cum across yer mails, They will probably deliver yea to yer new freaks !!! Frankly, MORBIFIK did it all... For MORBIFIK "Now, I'm Bleed" Tape, I have given away to those freaks I mentioned above for 200 Copies for foreign. I focused on them, Y'know more than Local 'coz of Somebody has bootlegged it over 100 tapes here, guys named Bagus with fuckin' bullshit idiotic label COLOR PRODUCTION and ex-member of MORBIFIK named Pigar whom will rip yea off when yea contacted him. [Kill them all, I'll be please !!!] Sad but true, MORBIFIK with its first album have released 1000 copies at my hand but 'till 100 copies left at my room for fuckin' Trade or what ever !!!
    We still conquer the World, motherfuckers !!! Some times, I just fuckin' maniac mailings 'y know only when bucks cum to my wallet.  

  7. Siapa-siapa aja influence bagi MORBIFIK ? dan apakah kamu udah merasa MORBIFIK mempunyai style/gaya sendiri ?

    We got so many influences like DERANGED [SWE], and DEADEN [USA]. When I heard some American Bands with their brutality on my tape, They probably have inspired me in some ways but Depend on my mood !!! Well, I think MORBIFIK has its own Death Grind style. I can feel it, can't I ???  

  8. Are you Muslim? Kalo bener, sekarang lagi puasa donk? Trus, bagaimana caramu disaat puasa ini untuk mengurangi nafsu ? (ini penting bagi band-band baru)

    Yap, Wer in the band, Muslim and still observe the fasting period. Specially me, I fuckin' reduce in watching all my porno stuffs even my dick just can't stand to see and move it !!! For Band, I stop rehearsal for a while...  

  9. Kamu pernah baca NECROSICK Newsletter nggak?? di situ pertanyaan interviewnya sakit-sakit banget. Kamu setuju nggak kalo dikasih petanyaan-pertanyaan yang sakit-sakit seperti itu??? kalo setuju silahkan lanjutkan menjawab pertanyaan dibawah ini......

    I never heard and read it before !!! I really missed something, right ??? Just go a head if yea want to throw yer rotten entrails questions to me. I dun mind !!!  

  10. Berapa kali kamu onani setiap hari ? dan siapa aja yang kamu bayangin jika onani ?

    It really depends on how many Porn Movies I watched and How hot it is. I usually consume 2 or 3 films per day when i got some new stuffs y'know. Well, When I watched them, I badly played my unholy dick slowly 'till my fuckin' semen goat cum out 2 times per day but as i told yea depends on the movies itself. If I masturbate, I will dream for SARAH AZHARI, BELLA SAPHIRA, CICI PARAMITHATA, SOPHIA LATJUBA, etc.- I will gladly squirt my white semen vegeance out into their sweet vaginal bleeding. Y'know, It's just my dreams !!!  

  11. Kamu tau nggak cucu-nya mantan presiden Soeharto yang jadi penyanyi itu (aku lupa tuh namanya!). Jika kamu jadi pacarnya, akan kamu apakan dia? di setubuhi secara halus atau diperkosa dengan kasar ??

    Of course, I know her since I hate his relatives and His fuckin' moronic grandpa called SUHARTO !!! If she's my girlpal. Well, I will bondage her and ask her to taste slowly my semen goat. Of course, I will fuck her to my heart content 'till I can't remember where her vagina located. I prefer to fuck her daily with smooth way if I loved her but I'll gladly rape her rudely when I got drunk after Killing his fuckin' all relatives !!!  

  12. Kembali ke MORBIFIK, apakah kamu punya rencana untuk menawarkan MORBIFIK ke mayor label dengan merubah musick MORBIFIK menjadi musik alternatif ??

    Obviously Sucks, Y'know !!! MORBIFIK is an Underground Band and Never deal with fuckin' shit wimpy alternative style.
    I hate to hear that when Man played shit Alternative, Man is the bastard and Have to stay fuckin' malevolent by hisway.
    If Man play like AlternaShit, Let me call them as Sissy Ass-Hole Boys !!! They have to change their fuckin' scrotums into wet vagina then We must fuck' it 'coz of it's our holy job, Y'know !!!  

  13. Kamu tau STINKY (band local Indonesia yang beraliran f@#king pop trendy) 'kan?? beberapa waktu yang lalu sewaktu wawancara di sebuah acara stasiun swasta, STINKY mengaku dulunya adalah band underground juga yang beraliran GRINDCORE, bagaimana pendapatmu ?

    They're just fuckin' bullshit to get more exposure from the press, Y'know !!! They're absolutely stinky as stinky as they are now.  

  14. Terakhir, seperti biasanya lagi nich ! Kasih donk komentar buat AOPM dan juga salam terakhir buat pembaca AOPM.

    Thank GUT 'coz it's the last he...he... Well, I just want to thank yea for what yea've done with MORBIFIK in setting up for its cool homepage at
    Http://Listen.to/Morbifik and Honest Support !!! Hope, yea will grow stronger there with yer activity. For the readers outhere, Yer just fuckin' lucky and for that yea must fuckin' support this man 'coz yea have now this promotion label in which yea can use as yer own promotion thru the internet. Hope too, They will other guys here in my local area whom can make it like yers. So, Dun hesitate to communicate each other to build the New aggressive Indonesian Scene together. Also yea can see and read our other activity at Http://Atifah.issexy.com - Yer guide to the New Globe !!! SUPPORT THE UNDERGROUND, Motherfuckers....

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