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         In the late of 1993 Ombat, Denny, Danang, and Yoyok formed a band named TENGKORAK - Mainly influenced by one of grindcore pio'neer from England NAPALM DEATH. TENGKORAK originally consisted of four guys : M. Hariadi 'Ombat" Nasution (Growls), Danang Bhudiarto (Bass), Yoyok Radianto (Guitars), Denny Julianto (Drums).

         Later, In the fall 1994 Adarn Mustofa coming up on guitar. With this line up, TENGKORAK was the first Grindeore band with a brutal death touch which released rnini "Demo Tipe" Album in Jakarta. The title is "It's a Proud to Vomit Him" contains of 4 songs: Primitive Jokes, Aggression, The Grave Tornient and Bencana Moral (a song in Indonesian language).

         After played some gigs in promoting the first realeases, Adam has to quit cause of his first job ! But . the band still rule, even with one guitar got no impact on our music ! In the early of 1997, TENGKORAK tried to spread their destructive stuffs to all over the world of Underground . Realizing risen from unknown scene, TENGKORAK strongly promoted their stuffs by sending it to the tape traders, distro, bands, magazine, label etc. Anyone who involved in Underground scene !

         This effort make good result, TENGKORAK has sold their demo tape not only in Indonesia but also in other countries worldwide . At least TENGKORAK prove the existence of Indonesian Underground bands ! This could be happened by big help of distro, magazine, bands and tape traders from other countries !!! So that, TENGKORAK had their foreign distro like: U.S.A, ~AYSIA, JAPAN, FRANCE, CZECH REP., RUSSIA, LATVIA, SPAIN,, POLAND ... !
As a result, one of this distro (BLOOD BATH RECORDS JAPAN) intersted in released TENGKORAK on vinly/7 EP, it make TENGKORAK is the first Indonesian Underground band which release 7" EP in Indonesia!!! The title is "Dying poor.

         In November 1997, TENGKORAK were in HIJAU Studio to record one song entitled "Konflik' for Metalik Klinik (Indonesian Underground Compilation).... , not long after they got a deal with one of the biggest recording company in Indonesia...... Musica!..... and pioneered other Indonesian bands to take part in this project ! Finally, at the end of Decembre 1997 " METALIK KLINIK" compilation cassette was in store !!! It's nationally distributed in Indonesia by MUSICA RECORDS INDONESIA. Until January 1998, It's been sold 4500 copies in Indonesia only !!! Unfotunately, We had to fired our old drummer .... Deny, we couldn't get along with him anymore cause his bad attitude toward all of us ! So.... We played with sessionist drummer named Doni from our neighbourhood band SUFFERING. In addition Hella (Ex- TRAUMA). Coming up on Guitar line up, taking over the duty that Adams left long time ago !! After played 2 gigs, we diceded'to keep Doni as a permanent member, it means he' s SUFFERING no more. The current line up are : M. Hariadi "ombat" Nasufion, SH., (Growls), Danang Bhudiarto, SH. (Bass), Haryo "Yoyok" Radianto, SI-H (Guitars), Hella Tanisan (Guitar), Donni Rimata (Drums).

         March-April 1999, TENGKORAK back in Magenta Studio to record their first full length album which will be entitled KONSENTRASI MASSA. This album contains of 20 songs, like OKNUM, ASAP TEBAL, GAWEAN REGET, PRIMITIVE JOKES,, KEMELUT, KONSENTRASI MASSA, SPEKULASI BISNIS, PENJILAT, PRESTASI GILA.. BURUH, BISNIS EJAKULASI, CACAT POLITIK, DOSA KELUARGA.,, BENCANA MORAL, DISKRMNASI,, CHAOS OR RIOT,, AZTEC, DOGMA POIEIM PROPAGANDA, completed by extreme outro SERAKAH as an ilustration of government greed's. KONSENTRASI MASSA album produced by ROTOR CORP and nationally distributed by MUSICA STUDIO'S. previously distributed by our co- workers indie label world wide,, this album expented could be widely spread through the unknown scene in Israel, Belarus, Czeh Republic,, Portugal etc. One month later, Heilla Tanissan quit the band because of his own reasons. So this formation back as the earlier TENGKORAK, 4 Grindsters !!!. They' re still known as GRINDCORE SICKFUCKER and still spread the grind disease at the world wide scene!



1. Its Proud To Vomit Him MLP '94
2. Metalik Klinik 1
3. Metalik Klinik II 1998



C/o Haryo Radianto,
JL. PPN. II, No. 9,
Komp. Deptan Empang III,
Pasar Minggu Jakarta 12510,
Tel : 62-021-79921144


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